Book of Remembrance

The Book of Remembrance is on view daily in a display cabinet in our waiting room.

(Please note the Book of Remembrance room is currently only available for viewing during office hours)

A Book of Remembrance, provides a permanent record of a loved one and a place to visit, reflect and remember.

As well as their name and dates, their memorial entry can include a personal tribute, short poem or other message, and an illustration that captures the essence of their life and character.

Each memorial entry will be individually hand-lettered by one of the highly skilled calligraphers as well as being illustrated by a professional artist at the Surrey Studios of F.G. Marshall Limited.

From flowers and birds to regimental crests and coat-of-arms, these exquisitely detailed images provide a unique and personal tribute to a loved one’s life and interests.

The book itself is entirely handmade using a combination of 14th century techniques and 21st century materials. The result is a rich, dignified and beautiful memorial that will last for many hundreds of years.

Additionally, there are supplementary items such as memorial cards and miniature books which are personal keepsakes that you can look at whenever you wish.

They contain a precise copy of the loved one’s memorial entry, including the illustration, hand-lettered and illustrated by the same artists that created the original entry in the Book of Remembrance. With the space for additional entries in the miniature books, they can be turned into a unique family record that can be passed down through the generations.